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Josh Stuart


Josh Stuart's background is in machine-learning applied to high-throughput datasets and an expertise in developing computational models to integrate multiple sources of molecular biology information. His research focuses on discovering how gene networks program cellular responses and search engines to scan large collections of high-throughput results to predict how genes function. His labrecently developed the PARADIGM pathway-based models to integrate multiple sources of gene activity to predict alterations and clinical outcomes in tumor samples to decipher pathway alterations in many cancer cohorts. Stuart co-leads a Genome Data Analysis Center for the TCGA project, co-chairs the pan-cancer TCGA effort, is a member of the bioinformatics pathway’s group for the International Cancer Genome Consortium, and directs the computational pathway analysis for a Stand Up To Cancer Dream Team to identify therapies for resistant prostate cancer.

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Biomolecular Engineering Computational Functional Genomics

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