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Johan-Owen De Craene

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I started by studying chemistry at the ULB in Brussels to be a biochemist. I did my Master's end of study thesis on Npi1/Rsp5, a ubiquitin ligase negatively regulating the amino acid transporter Gap1. I got hooked on yeast as a model and pursued studying the regulation of Gap1 by the protein kinase Npr1 and by its own substrates. I showed that Npr1 prevented Gap1 ubiquitination at the Golgi and thus preventing its targeting to the vacuole  for its degradation. I got interested in the secretory pathway. This led me to my first postdoc in Peter Novick's lab where I studied the role of the exocyst in ER inheritance. I also to show that Rtn1 was involved in ER tubulation. I then moved to Strasbourg in Sylvie Friant's lab to study trafficking at the endosomes. My thrid postdoc was also in Strasbourg, in the laboratory of Hubert Becker and was involved in developping tools to study the role of memebranes in the functions of aaARNt synthetases. In 2016 I became an assistant professor in the plant biology department at the University of Tours where I'm interested in the application of my traffciking knowledge on improving the transfer of plant metabolic pathhways studied in the lab in yeast.

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