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Michael Schnekenburger

Michael Schnekenburger

Cancer,  Molecular Biology,  Epigenetics,  Cell Biology,  Leukemia,  Cancer Research
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Matthieu Peycelon

Chirurgie,  GéNéTique,  Pediatrie,  Urologie
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Mohit Patralekh

Orthopaedic Trauma,  Hand Surgery,  Pelvi Acetabular Trauma
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Claudia Cerella

Cancer,  Cell Biology,  Leukemia,  Cell Death
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Jinfeng Shen

Jinfeng Shen

Participant-Stanford Ignite Program

Institution: AIMS


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Participant-Stanford Ignite Program January 2014 - March 2014

Stanford Graduate School of Business (Palo Alto US)

Certification program for entrepreneurs and people interested in innovation. Program includes 100- hour class sessions by GSB faculty and 150-hour team project to develop business model and pitch to VCs, for an E commerce venture building an online market place for life science products. Skills learned include: - Core business skills: marketing, operations, strategy, finance and economics - Applied skills: negotiation, teamwork, public speaking, leadership and pitching - Product design and prototyping

iFarm program participant September 2013 - January 2014

Stanford Office of Technology Licensing (Palo Alto US)

Conducted due diligence on technologies patented by Stanford inventors in the OTL Tech Finder database with an interdisciplinary team of Stanford affiliates.

Postdoctoral fellow Since April 2011

Stanford University (Palo Alto US)

Investigate the functional requirement of the LSC (Leukemia Stem Cell) prognostic genes and the relevant molecular pathways by using human AML cell lines / primary human AML in vitro culture and in vivo mice model.


Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Cancer Biology June 2004 - December 2010

Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm SE)

Investigated the mechanism of mutant p53 reactivation in cancer by small molecule compounds PRIMA-1 and STIMA.

Karolinska institutet Master's degree in Stockholm Graduate School September 2003 - June 2004

Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm SE)

Molecular Biology


The Swedish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship April 2011

Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford School of Medicine

Stockholm Graduate School Fellowship September 2003

Master student at Stockholm Graduate School

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