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Kenneth L Londoner

Kenneth L Londoner

Signal Processing,  Atrial Fibrillation,  Medical Devices
Lisa Rivalin

Lisa Rivalin

Project Management,  Data Science,  Research Scientist
miguel altuve

miguel altuve

Signal Processing,  Machine Learning,  Biomedical Engineering
Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Epigenetics,  Data Science,  Biodemography,  Rejuvenation,  Genetics & Genomics,  Ageing Economics,  Gene Editing,  Geroscience,  Longevity Industry,  Blockchain
Mohamad Ivan  Fanany

Mohamad Ivan Fanany

Machine Learning,  Computer Vision,  Data Science
Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Principal Investigator, Scientific Programmer

Institution: SETI Institute


From bosons to planets: Searching the tiniest of inner-spaces straight up to galactic scales.

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Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University


Ford Fellowship for Undergraduate Independent Research 2000

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