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Stephane Octave

Stephane Octave

Biotechnology,  Plant Pathogen
Guillaume Mercy

Guillaume Mercy

Molecular Biology,  Biotechnology,  Systems Biology,  Cellular Biology,  Data Science,  Genome Editing,  Bioinformatic,  Genomic
4 publications
charlie stephan

charlie stephan

Biomass,  Process Engineering,  Pyrolysis,  Biorefinery,  Solvent Extraction
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Revista  MVZ Córdoba

Revista MVZ Córdoba

Biology,  Biotechnology,  Aquaculture,  Public Health,  Epidemiology,  Veterinary And Zootechny Medicine,  Biomedical Basic Sciences
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Huu Thanh Nguyen

Structure,  Marine,  Civil
Jean-Pascal Bergé

Jean-Pascal Bergé

Discipline: Biology
Nantes, France


Contribution for increasing the use of marine resources less or none exploited by developing sustainable bioprocess
Conception and validation of unitary steps to maximize the production of useful products for agricultural, feed, food and nutraceutical purposes.


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