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Jay Lund is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is on the editorial board of several water resources publications, has been a member of the Advisory Committee for the 1998 and 2005 California Water Plan Updates, and has served as Convenor of the California Water and Environment Modeling Forum (CWEMF) and President of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR), and the Delta Independent Science Board. His principal research interest is in the application of systems analysis, economic, and management methods to infrastructure and public works problems. He has led development and application of a large-scale optimization modeling for California's water supply, as well as various other modeling studies for the management of flood control and environmental purposes. Climate warming, water marketing, conjunctive use, and integrated water resources management problems have been examined using this model. He is co-author of several books and reports on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, published by the Public Policy Institute of California and University of California Press. He co-authored an analysis of economical water supply alternatives to Hetch Hetchy Dam. Outside of California, he has been involved in optimization modeling of other major river systems, including the Columbia River system, the Missouri River system, South Florida, the US Southeast, and the Panama Canal. Lund is also interested in integrated urban water supply planning and management, water transfers and markets and economic design and evaluation of stormwater quality management. He is a frequent contributor to

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