Jason Baumsteiger

Jason Baumsteiger

Researcher, Postdoctoral Scholar

Davis, CA, United States


My research focuses on bridging the gap between theoretical genetics and genomics and practical fisheries management. My primary focus is on freshwater fishes of the west coast of North American, especially lesser studied endemic species. I hope to explore population and species-level structure within these groups and identify historical and contemporary gene flow which led to this structure. This can incorporate important biogeographic and ecological components as well as complex evolutionary factors. I concurrently work with Dr. Peter Moyle and Dr. Michael Miller in the Department of Animal Sciences. To date I have participated in research involving Devils Hole pupfish, CA roach, hitch, overbite clam, invasive Black Sea jellyfish, numerous sculpin species, and am currently working on better ways of assessing extinction in freshwater fishes. My initial work began at UCLA with Dr. Robert Wayne and moved on to Humboldt State University, working on hybridization. Upon completing my Masters, I worked as a fisheries geneticist for USFWS, an amphibian genetics lab manager at Washington State University, and fairly recently (2013) finished my Ph.D. at UC Merced, studying freshwater sculpin genetics. As a post-doc with the Center for Watershed Sciences, I am interested in almost any facet of fisheries and/or genetics research and actively seek to develop new collaborations with anyone interested in these topics. Feel free to contact me anytime through the email portal attached to this Watershed profile.


Fisheries Genetics And Genomics

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