Janos Kriston-Vizi

Group Leader at University College London


I synthesized natural scientic disciplines of my curriculum such as cellular and molecular biology, genetics, physiology and chemistry with applied image processing and statistics. As a result, biological image processing and statistical analysis became the two common underlying threads in my research career which connect LMCB with my two research interests: high-content cellular screening (HCS) data processing pipeline development and automated microscopic image processing often using live, time-lapse or 3D data.
To identify selective compounds, genes and pathways that affect specific cellular processes without toxicity, HCS requires an extensive imaging and data analysis pipelines as well as biological understanding. The Image Analysis and Bioinformatics core group is based on my experience in image analysis, statistical data processing methods for analyzing large data sets and my knowledge in automation processes. Statistical analysis of large, 3D spatial, temporal and spectral multi-dimensional datasets is an integrated part of the workflows, that I routinely develop. My good understanding of genomic technologies and the drug discovery process enables
my fruitful collaboration with cell biologist colleagues.

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Group Leader Since August 2013

University College London

Group leader of the Bioinformatics Image Core (BIONIC) at Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (LMCB), University College London (UCL

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