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Circuit assembly in the developing brain is dependent on a series of innate and experienced cues which act in concert to wire up the nervous system. James Ackman investigates the fundamental principles governing how the nervous system is wired together and how neural circuit structure and function is established. A central focus of the Ackman lab is exploring the sources and the flow of brain activity in the cerebral cortex that's involved in the development of synaptic connections between brain regions. Another major effort is concerned with investigating how patterns of activity across brain circuits shape the planning nd execution of behavior. The Ackman lab utilizes optical imaging of cerebral activity in vivo�allowing direct observation and recording of the brain at work—together with electrophysiology, histology, and genetic manipulations of synaptic connectivity that help us visualize how the brain wires itself together. Understanding the mechanisms that underly how neural circuits are established will not only be key to preventing neurodevelopmental disorders, but will be crucial for engineering the brain repair strategies and brain–machine interfaces of the future.

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Mcd Biology Mapping Brain Circuit Structure And Function

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