Jaime Anguiano

Jaime Anguiano

Institution: Rao Lab
Los Angeles, CA, United States


Jaime obtained his Ph.D. from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine with a focus on the biomedical sciences. At Einstein his researched focused in the field of autophagy, specifically centered around one of the three main forms of autophagy, Chaperone-mediated Autophagy (CMA). His research efforts established the first signaliing mechanism discovered to regulate CMA via the retinoic acid-signaling pathway.

In the Rao Lab, Jaime's efforts will focus on studying the overall role of miRNA in B-lymphocyte activation. Specifically, Jaime plans to (1) identify and characterize microRNA-dependent regulation of B-cell activation and terminal differentiation. ; (2) characterize B-lymphomagenesis as a function of tumor suppressor microRNA's; and (3) characterize the molecular mechanisms of miRNA-mediated regulation in B-cell development and B-cell lymphoma.

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