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Daniel Cebo

Daniel Cebo

Molecular Medicine,  Emerging Infectious Diseases,  Human Enhancement,  Addiction Medicine,  Biomedical Cybernetics,  Human Genetic Modifications,  Longevity,Life Extension And Biological Immortality,  Genetic And Genomic Medicine,  Public And Global Health
59 publications
Rangel Cerceau Netto

Rangel Cerceau Netto

História Da Arte; História Social Da Cultura; Patrimonio Cultural
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Hemanth Kumar Jawahar

Hemanth Kumar Jawahar

Manufacturing,  Sustainable Development,  Electric Vehicles,  Sustainable Energy,  Renewable Energy Sources,  Material Science And Engineering
Baptiste Gaborieau

Baptiste Gaborieau

Science Communication,  Biosciences
Lisa Rivalin

Lisa Rivalin

Project Management,  Data Science,  Research Scientist


Jade Muller Carneiro

Jade Muller Carneiro

MSc. Energy for Sustainability, MIT Portugal, PhD Sustainability Science ESSSR 2019/2023

Disciplines: Physics Multidisciplinary Pharmacology & Toxicology, Portugal


By age 22 years old I am one of the youngest scientist to publish and obtain two scholarships. 1 is the ADAI MSc. Energy for Sustainability EfS scholarship for my masters 2020. EfS brings together professors from more than a dozen R&D Units at the University of Coimbra, with long experience in teaching and research, namely in the areas of energy and sustainable development. I had very handson consultation with the professor after finishing my Brazil Science Border for my Bachelor Science Engineering at Edinburgh United Kingdom.

I am now on the way to project manager, while working closely with Prof. Fausto Freire at Industrial Ecology Center. My extended life cycle analysis with mcda and input output analysis is to graduate together with the Energy for Sustainability at Universidade de Coimbra Portugal, a close work with Prof. Luis Dias.

Aside from the two collaborators, I am also transferring to the MIT Portugal PhD Scholarship Program with ADAI Manuel Gameiro Silva under reference to vice-rector Patricia Pereira da Silva. I am an experienced engineer with work experience at Nestle SWITZERLAND, and I have several editing background in publication. I have receive unanimous distinction in the academic work such as obtaining the praise merit from my main advisor Prof. Luis Adriano Oliveira who manages the Ethical Science, and Helena Freitas Oliveira head of ESSSR at Portugal to certify on big and useful science. I am very passionate in my research with you without fake science. As my profile shows I am very interdisciplinary, and experienced in research to work. My contact is finalised in the attach details. 

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Project Manager March 2018 - March 2023

Center Functional Ecology (Coimbra PT)

European Sustainability Science Research Scholarship 2019/2020
ESSSR is an with an inter university transfer on sustainability science and on matters related to sustainable development. My research and position is filling in a gap in respect of the coordination of sustainability science teaching and research at European universities. I am in charge of Energy for Sustainability dissemination, and representing the science early fellowship at University of Coimbra Portugal under the certification of Director of Center Functional Ecology. My thesis and portfolio work has been appraised from Director of Energy for Sustainability unanimously.


Sustainability Compliance February 2019 - February 2021

Sustainability Compliance and Standards with Professor Patricia Pereira da Silva
Brazil Social Science Scholarship - University of Twente.


Energy for Sustainability MIT Portugal PhD 2019

I am an awarded ADAI PhD MIT Portugal Scholarship 2019/2020 by Dr. Manuel Gameiro da Silva and Helena Freitas Oliveira.

VIBES Awards 2018

I am an awarded environmental engineer


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