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David Ebrahimzadeh

David Ebrahimzadeh

Private Equity,  Real Estate Investing
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william noah

Laravel Development Company, Laravel Development Services
Savier F Acosta F

Savier F Acosta F

Investigador/ Didáctica De La Biología/ Investigación Educativa/ Metodología De La Investigación
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Brian DuPree Athens Georgia


Student a UNAM

Disciplines: Communication Computer Science Economics


PhD. student at UNAM, with research interests in marketing, data science and SMEs. 

Bachelor in Advertising and Master in Marketing. Experience as a university professor and in the area of marketing at the university level.


University Professor 2020 - 2021

Universidad Cuauhtémoc (Puebla MX)

Subjects in Marketing, International Commerce, Accounting, Administration and Graphic Design.


Asignaturas de las Licenciaturas de Mercadotecnia, Comercio Internacional, Contaduría, Administración y Diseño Gráfico.


PhD in Management Sciences Since 2021

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (Ciudad de México MX)

PhD in Management Sciences

Line of Research: Marketing

Thesis: KDD in marketing management and its role in crisis management in Mexican SMEs


Doctorado en Ciencias de la Administración

Línea de Investigación: Mercadotecnia

Tesis: KDD en la gestión de mercadotecnia y su papel en la gestión de crisis en PyMES

Master's Degree in Management and Marketing 2017 - 2019

Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (Puebla MX)

Master's Degree in Management and Marketing 

Thesis: Brand attributes that parents look for in order to enroll their children in a baccalaureate.


Maestría en Dirección y Mercadotecnia

Tesis: Atributos de la marca que los padres de familia buscan para inscribir a sus hijos a un bachillerato.

Bachelor's Degree in Advertising Design and Production 2013 - 2016

Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (Puebla MX)

Bachelor's Degree in Advertising Design and Production

Thesis: Design of a work manual for the university advertising agency.


Licenciatura en Diseño y Producción Publicitaria

Tesis: Diseño de un manual de trabajo para la agencia de publicidad universitaria


Academic Award "Cruz Forjada" 2016

Award granted by UPAEP for obtaining one of the highest averages in a semester.

2nd Place in the Electoral Essay Contest of the Puebla State Electoral Tribunal. 2012

With the essay: "The Things of Democratic Life".


Marketing Knowledge Discovery Sme

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