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Dr. Poonam Verma (Editor-in-chief) SSR Institute of International Journal of Life Sciences, Near- Patel Mahila Degree College, Barabanki, 225001. India , Uttar Pradesh


Aim: By exploring the SSR Institute of International Journal of Life Sciences at, is going to serve an access to a broad range of biological and medical subjective being powered to get published online. These are mannered for an open access, indexed, peer-reviewed for bi-monthly publication. Our online journal is serving an open space to encourage fresher and experienced professionals to promote their original research articles, reviews, mini-reviews, short communications as well as case reports. We focus completely on the publication of innovative research articles to encourage every individual in the fields of Life sciences and Medical Sciences.

Scope: The editors of SSR-IIJLS welcome contributions from Life Sciences as well as Medical sciences disciplines to serve with exchanging scientific knowledge between various professionals like scientists, academics, researchers and even for the relative industrial professionals. The Journal is based on independent and unbiased double-blinded peer-reviewed principles. Only unpublished papers that are not under review for publication elsewhere can be submitted. Papers should present important new data, concepts, and results. The journal promotes a better understanding of life processes and living organisms. It is a new critical conduit bringing together innovative work from the diverse field in order to facilitate the broadest possible benefit to the people.

Mission: Our mission is to encourage the bio scholars and dignities to contribute their precious information towards advanced research in sciences and technology for building better future in biological sciences. At our platform, we are building a perfect scope that encourages every individual of biological sciences and relative field to share their information and knowledge relating to the subject dedicated to the peaks of professional and ethical conduct. It’s our sincere effort to promote the journal globally by providing the unique opportunity for the researchers to pursue their publication with the broad visibility. We hope that our interdisciplinary approach will contribute to creating a balanced and effective view of how science and technology actually emerge, develop and perform. We encourage the broad range of submissions and all research articles will be judged according to international standards, the originality of its contribution, its relevance to the development of the subject and its quality of presentation. Further, we are doing hard to make the SSR-IIJLS one of the best platform for making biological sciences and its prospective subjects reach its best position for the development of mankind.

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Editor-in-Chief Since September 2015


SSR-IIJLS is worldwide multidisciplinary, bi-monthly published, open access, peer-reviewed, online Life sciences journal & Medical Sciences. The aim of SSR-IIJLS is to serve as a means for updating the scientific knowledge of the international audience in the Life-Sciences & Medical Sciences forum.



President 2016

• Working as a President (Owner) of Society for Scientific Research till 2016, setember


Nanotechnology Medical Microbiology Molecualar Biology

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Dr. Poonam Verma (Editor-in-chief) SSR Institute of International Journal of Life Sciences, Near- Patel Mahila Degree College
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