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Jean-Pascal Bergé

Jean-Pascal Bergé

Biotechnology,  Marine,  Biorefinery
fouzi chouana

fouzi chouana

Structures GéNie Civil,  Retrofit,  Frp,  Nsm,  Ebr
Ahmed Mohey

Ahmed Mohey

Astrophysics,  Civil Engineering,  Nuclear Engineering
Rosalba Bonaccorsi

Rosalba Bonaccorsi

Astrobiology,  Environmental Sciences,  Bio-Sedimentology,  Marine Geochemistry
71 publications

Ramzy M. Abumandour

Biofluid Engineering,  Structure Analysis,  Fluid Mechanics -- Mathematical Models.

Huu Thanh Nguyen

Disciplines: Astronomy Biology Computer Science
HCM, Vietnam


Design review of structure system of building, civil, marine, auto, airscrap


Leader of Technical center Since January 2014

Bureau Veritas (HCM VN)

Treat the design review and structural analysis of any structure system included soil, floating, running, flying structure.


Doctorate January 2006 - December 2010

Sejong University (Seoul KR)

Structure of bridge, soil, floating, etc

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