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Deepak Rawat

Bioremediation,  Microbial Ecology,  Aromatic Amines,  Azo Dyes,  Environmental Toxicity
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Ecology,  Seagrass,  Amphipods

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Insect Ecology Amazon

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Hugo Cerda

Disciplines: Biology Ecology
Puyo, Ecuador


My research interests centre on problems in applied insect ecology and evolution. These include biological control of insect pests of tropical agricultural and forestry crops; pest forecasting; effects of climate change on insect pest populations; empirical and ecological simulation using Stella and Matlab of evolution of Bt resistance to GMO crops. I am also interested in the pest control of Muscaeas cultivars like banana weevil Cosmopolites sordidus, pest control of the leaf ant eater Atta laevigata, sugarcane pest like weevil Metamasius hemipterus and palm weevil Rhynchophorus palmarum and control of several potato and orchard insect pest by the use of host plant kairomoes, aggregation pheromones and natural enemies. The main insect groups studied by my team are the Coleoptera, Himenoptera and Lepidoptera, but I also have research interests in the earthworms. I am also interested in more general ecology problem as ant- flower interaction in the Amazonian forest canopy; nutritional composition and rearing of traditional invertebrate food source of Amazonian Amerindians, and most recently phylogeography of Plutella xylostella in conjunction with the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University of China in an effort to address a variety of interesting questions in applied and pure ecology and insect evolution. Additionally, in a more general approach to the ecology and science I am interested in socialize science and make it available to the common people, to do this I produce a national radio program of Science entitled “Science for all” you which is broadcast nationally and by internet at: I am also interested in the conservation of the American tiger The Jaguar Pantera onca and its prey in order to do that I have a joint project with the Polish Academy of Science to study the conservation genetics and ecology of Panthera onca the American tiger.



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