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Cognitive Neuroscientist. Ph.D. in Psychology. I use electroencephalography (EEG), MATLAB programming, Statistics, and Behavioral observation methods. Currently, my research is focused on poverty, brain, and decision-making. 

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EEG ERP Research Since 2017

Event Related Potentials with Dry EEG Field Study

EEG Research Since 2015

Brain Research, BCI


MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience Since 2015

Durham University (Durham GB)

Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience research with EEG, fMRI, TMS, Statistics


3MT Thesis 1st Runner up 2019

1st runner up of the 3MT thesis competition in Malaysia, 2019

3MT thesis winner - UKM 2019

3MT thesis competition winner at university level 2019

Durham Award 2015

Postgraduate Durham Award

Dean's List Award 2014

High educational achievements


Psychology Decision Making Eeg Cognitive Neuroscience Erp

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