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Lars Öhrström

Lars Öhrström

Metal-Organic Framework,  Crystal Engineering,  Popular Science
83 publications
Michal Sowa

Michal Sowa

Crystallization,  Cocrystals,  Crystal Habit

Ahmed Selmi


salma ben romdhane

Ceratitis Capitata- Pyrale,  CéRatite,  C2Ratite
Ellouze Mohamed

Ellouze Mohamed

Physics,  Magnetism,  Crystallographic
Graeme Day


Professor in Chemical Modelling, with reserarch interests in developing and applying computational chemistry methods to the organic solid state


Professor of Chemical Modelling Since September 2012

University of Southampton (Southampton GB)

Research group leader with interests in applying computational chemistry to the organic solid state.


PhD July 1999 - October 2002

University College London (UCL) (London GB)

Lattice dynamical studies of molecualr crystals with applicaitons to polymorphism and structure prediction

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