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Hiran Perera-W.A.

Hiran Perera-W.A.

Psychology,  Cognitive Neuroscience,  Brain Activity,  Brain -- Research.,  Eeg Analysis,  Erp Decision Making,  Neuronal Activity,  Cognionics
6 publications
Hafiz  Zahoor

Hafiz Zahoor

Construction Management,  Building Information Modeling,  Public Private Partnership,  Structural Equation Modeling,  Delphi Technique,  Accident Analysis,  Delay Analysis,  Health And Safety Management
46 publications

Mark Sorenti

Palaeolithic,  Human Evolution,  Palaeoanthropology
1 publication
Leonid Grinin

Leonid Grinin

Globalisation,  Economic Cycles,  Evolution Of Statehood,  Production Revolutions,  Kondratieff Waves,  Periodisation Of History,  Early State
205 publications
Luana Batista Goulart

Luana Batista Goulart

Paleodemography,  Gender Analysis,  Bioarchaeology,  Stress (Physiology)--Nutritional Aspects,  Paleodiet,  Osteoarchaeology
Frederick Foulds

Frederick Foulds

Discipline: Archaeology
Durham, United Kingdom


Early Career Researcher in Archaeology looking to pursue an academic career


PhD in Archaeology October 2008 - June 2013

Durham University, Durham and Thornaby-on-Tees (Durham GB)

PhD in Palaeolithic Archaeology with a thesis entitled 'Imperceptible Individuals: issues in the applications of social theory to Lower Palaeolithic material culture'.

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