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Ia Giorgadze

Ia Giorgadze

Master,  Management,  Mba,  International Cooperation
Erwan Poivet

Erwan Poivet

Neurosciences,  Caterpillars,  Olfactory System,  Olfactory Receptor Neurons
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Hercanous Munatsi

Stundent Mba
ben amor mohamed

ben amor mohamed

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Euler Alves

MBA Candidate

Belo Horizonte, Brazil , MG


After living four months in Canada (Toronto and Vancouver), I have decided to move there. Currently I'm a Federal Police Officer in Brazil but, at any time, I can stop my police career to dedicate to relevant jobs.
I graduated on Computer Networks and postgraduate on Computers on Education a reasonable time ago.
I have worked for a long time in a always mutable and insecure environment, with a lot of unpredictable situations that demanded full capacity of adaptation.​​
Beyond all my technician knowledge, I had finished training on Psychoanalysis and I'm studying on the Executive MBA of the Fundação Pedro Leopoldo.​



Psychoanalist January 2013 - July 2015

Instituto FAMET (Belo Horizonte BR)



Neuroscience Mba Canada Immigration Psychoanalysis Neuroeconomy Evolutionary Psychology

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