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Daniel Cebo

Daniel Cebo

Molecular Medicine,  Emerging Infectious Diseases,  Human Enhancement,  Addiction Medicine,  Biomedical Cybernetics,  Human Genetic Modifications,  Longevity,Life Extension And Biological Immortality,  Genetic And Genomic Medicine,  Public And Global Health
59 publications
Yasin Asadi

Yasin Asadi

Wireless Communications,  Computer Networking,  Network On Chip,  Mapping,  Wireless Network On Chip,  Computer Hardware Engineering
Diana García

Diana García

Body Studies
Marcin Hintz

Marcin Hintz

Theology,  Religion Studies,  Social Ethics
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Nicolas Alcala

Genomics,  Evolution,  Modelling


A surveyor registered by the Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) with research interest in Geodesy and Geodynamics

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Principal surveyor Since November 2017

Eteje Surveys and Associates (Benin City NG)

Managing Director, Eteje Surveys and Associates, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.



Sientific Research Works Engineering Surveying Geodetic Surveying

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3, Omonor Avenue, 3000
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