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Daniel Cebo


Daniel loves exploring the unknown, the thrill, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with forming the strange familiar. This passion has inspired him to formulate significant transitions, both conceptually and with methodology, at every stage of his career. Daniel purposefully chooses research projects that improve human health and stand to make fundamental discoveries of human biology and human life. His research work integrates the development of new computational methods and their application to experimental and theoretical approaches for expanding the use of biological and medical data. His research aims to understand the genetic and molecular basis of human diseases, including HIV, and to identify intrinsic mechanisms and novel drug therapies that can restore normal functions.

His recent work investigated the relationship between substance misuse and HIV/AIDS in Germany. Daniel worked on the production of two computer-simulated tools (in silicon tests) to support future risk assessments for new psychoactive substances.

Another ongoing project is about turning stem cell biology into stem cell medicine. This study covers molecular and cellular approaches to stem cell research (stem cell biotechnology, gene delivery systems, and molecular virology), with regenerative medicine and tissue engineering applications.

In recent years, his curiosity has evolved and expanded to include current studies of science, technology, and humanity. The purpose of this large-scale international multidisciplinary program is to examine the implications of our actions today and to find out what can be done now to secure the long-term future of humanity. My aim in this area is to integrate and disseminate science, new technologies and achieve a global consensus of experts in the search and implementation of a new model of human development, a model that can transform human consciousness and give new meaning to life, especially immortality.

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Leadership Research Grant 2011

The Grant aimed to recruit, regain, and retain the best brains and to support junior researchers in their academic career development and the transition to the next career step. Fellows are allowed to expand their academic profiles by experiencing early independence combined with professional guidance. 

Postdoctoral Research Grant 2010

The Otto von Guericke University Postdoc Fellowships have been a great success: 150 highly qualified Postdoc Fellows from various disciplines and over 30 countries have come to Magdeburg to built networks and to establish themselves with their research direction. Otto von Guericke University was the first German university to succeed in creating fellowships for international and national postdocs co-funded by the European Commission’s COFUND program and the German Research Foundation’s Excellence Initiative.

Graduate Fellowship in Neuroscience 2005

The goals of the individual research grant program were to performed/promoted basic and clinical research related to neurodegenerative diseases by encouraging new investigator's work on regeneration and recovery processes but also to encourage well-established researchers to develop new ideas and/or to transfer their efforts of other areas into Parkinson's research. 

WU's Collaboration Initiation Grant 2004

This program is aimed at university leadership. Applications should incorporate strategically important internationalization initiatives, which also utilize the experience and dedication of individual leaders in their field at each university. The grant aims to: • encourage connections across departments and schools; • promote an understanding of research across campus; • provide pilot data funding for high risk/high reward projects; and, • serve as a platform for external grant applications. 

Student of the Year Award 2003

The Student of the Year Award is awarded to the top three students who are not only the best students of the year but also have the potential to serve as role models for other students. The key objectives of these awards are to • acknowledge and promote student academic excellence • provides formal recognition of student achievements which can be included in their curriculum vitae • increase the visibility of student excellence and motivate other students to perform better thereby upgrading standards of excellence and performance.


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