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Corey S Ribotsky


Corey S Ribotsky now lives in New York City. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, and studied art at New York University. A number of one-person exhibitions have been held by Corey, including the NYC Gallery of American Art and the University of Detroit Art Museum. Corey's work is in many public and private collections.

With his paintings, Corey S Ribotsky demonstrates his keen observation of the natural world. Throughout his career, he was attracted to the rural Midwest and wooded hills and river valleys of the north. His ability to depict wildlife in its native surroundings demonstrates his connection to the environment. His interest in birds, from their tranquil innocence to their need to survive, is displayed in several of his works. He creates them in the open air, so he can capture the moment and place.

In the past 12 years, Corey has operated his own studio/gallery while also supplying other galleries across the country. Several of these have shut down, however, so he is trying to build an online presence. In addition to selling and promoting his work internationally and to national chain retailers, two agencies represent him, enabling him to pay the bills. Because of this, his work is collected and cherished by collectors all over the world.


Painter Since 2005

Corey S Ribotsky

In his artworks, Corey S Ribotsky meticulously records the wild creatures of the Midwest and the northern wooded hills and river valleys. His talent to depict animals in their natural environment speaks to his connection to the environment. His affection for birds, from their serene innocence to their life-or-death struggle for survival, is evident. Several of his works are created in the open air, to give him the ability to record the moment and location.


Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts 2004 - 2008

New York University (New York US)

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the New York University.


Best Abstract Painter 2018

Best Abstract Painter

Best Abstract Painter 2018

Best Abstract Painter


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