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Oleksandr Tunyk

Oleksandr Tunyk

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Arus Reka Prasetia

Arus Reka Prasetia

Entrepreneurship,  Marketing,  Culture,  Media,  Management,  Multimedia,  Creativity,  Branding,  International Management,  Communication
Mohamed Alaoui Mdaghri

Mohamed Alaoui Mdaghri

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Ernesto Batista

Ernesto Batista

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Bala Salisu

Bala Salisu

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Chiara Di Meo

Chiara Di Meo

Graduate professional

Disciplines: Communication Social Sciences
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Milano, 20131. Italy , MI


I am a passionate person, very keen on the foreign language studies and the tourism field. I mainly deal with the cultural heritage enhancement field of study and politics, the destination marketing strategies, the economy of culture and sharing economy topics. Smart Cities discourse, more specifically focused on the application of the ICTs in the cultural management field for the innovation of touristic services and products.


Internship March 2016 - July 2016

Comune di Trento (Trento IT)

5-months internship at the Municipality of Trento - Tourism Board focused on the online promotion of Trento's cultural heritage and its related initiatives for the creation of a destination management-oriented enhancement plan for the city. Destination marketing activities on the main social media (Facebook, Instagram), scheduling and planning of the Tourism Board for the "Trento Smart City Week" event.



Linguistic and cultural mediation for tourism business 2014 - 2017

University of Trento (Trento IT)

Linguistic and cultural mediation courses based both on sociological and economic perspectives, mainly focused on a deep, technical linguistic study of three languages (English, Spanish and Russian) for their application in the tourism business. 



IEEE Smart Cities Initiative - Student Grant Program 2nd edition 2016

Students Grant addressed to University of Trento's Master's Degree students bestowed by the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative international organization in the field of innovative touristic products and services for Trento Smart City.


Sustainability Smart City Information & Communication Technology Creative Industries Tourism Management Destination Management Innovation In Tourism Digital Era Cultural Heritage

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