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Debarka Senguptad

Debarka Senguptad

Cancer,  Machine Learning,  Social Choice Theory,  Single Cell Rnaseq
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Dr Ugur Guven

Nuclear Propulsion,  Space Propulsion,  Space Travel

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Wohl, Charel

Wohl, Charel

Norwich, UK

Institution: FJSL


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Internship in Research Lab August 2015 - September 2015

Prof. Julea Butt (Norwich GB)

- Developed an assay protocol to couple two enzyme reactions and measure kinetics to produce a Michaelis-Menten graph for Galactose oxidase using guar as a substrate using UV/vis spectrophotometer - Carried out and improved protocols for dissolution of guar, viscosity measurements, DNS reducing sugar assay and fluorescence spectroscopy - Learned how to communicate scientific results to research group and supervisor - Results forwarded to BBSRC funding body and the industrial partner Schlumberger Gould Research Centre, Cambridge

Internship at the research center “CRP Gabriel Lippmann” (simultaneous with term at secondary school) Since 2012

CRP Gabriel Lippmann ( LU)

- Conducted self-designed research project about the sulfur metabolism of garlic - Used microplate reader, micropipettes, incubators, centrifuges and Cayman Glutathione assay kit, FRAP assay to conduct experiments - Refined scientific writing during an extensive report published in the German magazine for young scientists “Junge Wissenschaft”



2nd Prize INESPO 2012

LIYSF 2011

EUCYS 2011


Chemistry Organic Chemistry Biophysical Chemistry Atmospheric Chemistry Ovocs

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