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Jaworski Capricho

Jaworski Capricho

Materials,  Chemistry,  Science,  Polymers,  Resins,  Industry 4.0
9 publications
Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Nicolás Damián Servidío del Monte

Epigenetics,  Data Science,  Biodemography,  Rejuvenation,  Genetics & Genomics,  Ageing Economics,  Gene Editing,  Geroscience,  Longevity Industry,  Blockchain


Education,  Development,  Governance
6 publications
Souleyman Abakar

Souleyman Abakar

Education,  History,  E-Commerce
Andrei Vinogradov

Andrei Vinogradov

Industry,  Environmental History,  Forest History,  Russian History
Chandan Roy PhD.

Chandan Roy PhD.

Head, Department of Economics, Kaliyaganj College

Discipline: Economics
Kolkata, India


Working as Assistant Professor in Economics at Kaliyaganj College



Ph.D. in Economics 2012 - 2016

University of North Bengal (Kolkata IN)

Title of the Thesis: "Artisanal Silk Industry in West Bengal: A Study on its History, Performance and Current Problems" under supervision of Professor Sanchari Roy Mukherjee

M.Phil 1998 - 2000

jadavpur university (Kolkata IN)

Title of M.Phil Dissertation : A Study on the Prospects of Indian Leather Exports; Under Supervision of Professor Rajat Acharyya

M.Sc in Economics 1992 - 1994

Calcutta University (Kolkata IN)

Specialization : International Trade

Optional Paper : Econometric Method


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