Catarina Moura

Catarina Moura

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institution: Dawson Lab


Currently, I am looking at how specific land-use changes occurring in oak dominated grasslands or “Montados” of Portugal affect cork oak physiology and ecosystem dynamics. In the region of Coruche – a well-known area for cork production – I am assessing whether sowing biodiverse, legume-rich pastures in the understory of these ecosystems has an impact on co-occurring cork oak trees. For instance, do trees in these areas benefit from an increase in legume cover and a potential increase in nitrogen fixation? To answer this question, I am using a combination of approaches from stable isotopes to ecophysiological measurements taken at a nearby research site equipped with an eddy-covariance tower and integrated in international flux networks. This work is a collaboration between the University of Lisbon (J. Santos Pereira’s group) and the Dawson lab at UC-Berkeley.

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