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Alex Cauvi

Alex Cauvi

Chemistry,  HéRitage,  Material Science,  Charity,  Sci Comm,  Documentary,  Communication
Gabriel Sanchez Santolino

Gabriel Sanchez Santolino

Electron Microscopy,  Materials Physics
29 publications
Thierry Fouquet

Thierry Fouquet

Mass Spectrometry,  Polymers,  Analytical Chemistry
Jaworski Capricho

Jaworski Capricho

Materials,  Chemistry,  Polymers
8 publications
Muhammad Khusairy Bakri

Muhammad Khusairy Bakri

Mechanical Engineering,  Materials Science,  Biocomposites,  Natural Fiber Reinforcement,  Acoustical Absorbing Materials
22 publications
Binoy Bera


M.Tech in Microelectronics and VLSI Technology. Binoy does research in electrospinning produced nanofiber, piezoelectric nanogenerator, semiconductor electronics, polymer based applications, material characterization, polymer electronics, material synthesis, electrochemistry, Electroactive Polymers, Ferroelectric ceramic Polymer Composites, 2 dimensional metal chalcogenides, composite material with 2D metal chalcogenides.

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M.Tech 2013 - 2015

Microelectronics and VLSI Technology


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) April 2012

Cleared GATE examination in Instrumentation Engineering.


Science & Technology

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