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Bastien Lemaire

Bastien Lemaire

Discipline: Biology
Piazza della Manifattura 1, Rovereto, 38068. Italy , Trentino


Fascinated by neuroscience and animal behavior. I work as a Ph.D. student at the CIMeC (Center for Mind/Brain Sciences) with a special emphasis in lateralization and social behaviour.


Ph.D. student Since October 2017

Center for Mind/Brain sciences (CIMeC) (Rovereto IT)

Ph.D. student at the Animal Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory (ACN) I investigate the mechanisms of biological predisposition to social behaviour.

Research trainee in lateralization April 2015 - June 2015

GMPC (Caen FR)

Research and animal behavior.
Lateralization and aggressiveness in king penguins, Aptenodytes patagonicus.


Master's degree in Neuroscience and Animal behavior 2014 - 2016

University of Caen (Caen FR)

During these two years of education, training and promotion of research  in neurosciences and behavioural sciences I acquired several skills and thinking.

-I conducted research project.
-I formulated hypotheses, elaborated methods and preconised choices.
-I constructed report, summarized, and presented results.
-I diffused information and valorized them in an international context.
-I established, managed and processed network information.
-I assisted and advised students during their work.
-I assured theoric and practical teaching to students.

Bachelor's degree in Animal biology 2011 - 2014

University of Caen (Caen FR)

Bachelor's degree in Animal biology, with a special emphasis in animal physiology and neuroscience.


Open Access Open Data Neurosciences Ethology Animal Cognition

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Piazza della Manifattura 1
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