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Bala Salisu

Bala Salisu

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Francisco Alonso Esquivel

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Arus Reka Prasetia

Arus Reka Prasetia


Disciplines: Communication Economics Education
Jalan Jayagiri #15, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia


I am very excited with the continuous development of science and useful to mankind. In addition, I am very interested in the new things and have great benefits for the entire nation in the world. I am a simple person, warm, calm, broad-minded, forward-thinking, giving priority to the public interest, assertive, wise, have an egalitarian spirit, like to work hard, put a solid partnership, accepts a variety of input or criticism, admire works of art, and easy to get along with anyone. I am interested in the activity in the field of managerial, organizational, planning or design, creativity, innovation, social and civic activities, until a detailed analysis of the various actions or conditions that have occurred, so it can be corrected for self and in determining or deciding something correctly and right. I had the experience of visiting several places in Indonesia and the world, so it does not have a problem with a trip out of town or country, and doing outdoor activities. Life of a diverse and changing places during childhood to adulthood, making me have a good adaptability to the environment and a variety of conditions or circumstances. I always serious and detail when planning something, to be able to implement it in practice. Other activities include preferred reading books, listening to music, watching a football game, until gather with family. The family is the primary motivation in real life, so it wants to always do what is best for the family, especially for my mother who is very respected. I have a dream to provide the best capability for the nation, so want to make Indonesia become one of the developed countries in the world.


Vice Director Since March 2005

Kiki Koekie (Tasikmalaya ID)



Communications Economic Development Digital Humanities Design Methodology Media Studies Management Sciences Marketing Sciences E-Commerce Brand Multimedia

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Jalan Jayagiri #15, Lembang
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