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Baptiste Gaborieau

Baptiste Gaborieau

Science Communication,  Biosciences
Monday Sunday Adiaha

Monday Sunday Adiaha

Agriculture; Biodiversity & Conservation; Biophysics; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Remote Sensi
15 publications
Clémence Coudret

Clémence Coudret

Sciences,  Innovation,  MéDiation,  Techniques
Julien Hering

Julien Hering

Science 2.0,  Open Science,  Digital Tools For Researchers
6 publications
Alex Cauvi

Alex Cauvi

Chemistry,  HéRitage,  Material Science,  Charity,  Sci Comm,  Documentary,  Communication
Antoine Gavignaud

Antoine Gavignaud

Community Manager

Disciplines: Chemistry Communication Biochemistry
14 rue Roger Morinet,


Hello world. I am currently in 4th years in Sup'Biotech, following a biotechnology cursus. I'm also the CM at MyScienceWork.


Community Manager September 2019 - December 2019

MyScienceWork (Paris FR)

As a CM, I make sure our publications and our database is well known among our followers. 


Engineering student 2015 - 2019

SupBiotech (Paris FR)

Biotechnology engineering school. Specialisation in Biomechanics and robotics


Innovation Challenge Day 2019

2nd Place with Sensilimb, a student group that promote the creation of an artificial sensitive skin for amputees.


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14 rue Roger Morinet
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