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Baptiste Gaborieau

Baptiste Gaborieau

Science Communication,  Biosciences
Monday Sunday Adiaha

Monday Sunday Adiaha

Agriculture; Biodiversity & Conservation; Biophysics; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Remote Sensi
15 publications
Clémence Coudret

Clémence Coudret

Sciences,  Innovation,  MéDiation,  Techniques
Alex Cauvi

Alex Cauvi

Chemistry,  HéRitage,  Material Science,  Charity,  Sci Comm,  Documentary,  Communication
Julien Hering

Julien Hering

Science 2.0,  Open Science,  Digital Tools For Researchers
6 publications
Antoine Gavignaud

Antoine Gavignaud

Community Manager

Disciplines: Chemistry Communication Biochemistry
14 rue Roger Morinet,


Hello world. I am currently in 4th years in Sup'Biotech, following a biotechnology cursus. I'm also the CM at MyScienceWork.


Community Manager September 2019 - December 2019

MyScienceWork (Paris FR)

As a CM, I make sure our publications and our database is well known among our followers. 


Engineering student 2015 - 2019

SupBiotech (Paris FR)

Biotechnology engineering school. Specialisation in Biomechanics and robotics


Innovation Challenge Day 2019

2nd Place with Sensilimb, a student group that promote the creation of an artificial sensitive skin for amputees.


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14 rue Roger Morinet
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