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Victor Heurtier

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Michael Schnekenburger

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Claudia Cerella

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Antoine Campagne

Antoine Campagne

PhD student

Institution: CdV-UPMC
Paris, France


As Albert Einstein used to say : "Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it."

Like so, I have built a strong passion for science communication during my PhD studies (defense planned on september 2015).

Among the projects I have been involved in throughout my PhD are notably career development meeting organization, scientific journalism for a student newspaper, blogging for MyScienceWork scientific media, website editing. Fitted with a good experience in science writing and general science communication, I am now looking for opportunities that would allow me to make good use of these skills and knowledge.

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PhD student Since October 2011

Institut Curie (Paris FR)

Mechanistics of the Polycomb PR-DUB complex


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