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Juan Remolina Caviedes

Juan Remolina Caviedes

Educacion,  Evaluation,  Critical Theory,  PedagogíA CríTica,  Pensamiento CríTico,  Teoria CríTica,  Marxismo,  FilosofíA Latinoamericana,  EvaluacióN CríTica,  Education,  Educación Radical,  Pedagogía De La Revolución,  Materialismo Histórico Dialéctico
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Rosly Angrand

Rosly Angrand

Autism Spectrum Disorder,  Special Education,  Educational Technologies,  éCosystéMie,  Neurodevelopmental Disorders
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Cristina Vega Díaz

Cristina Vega Díaz

Higher Education,  Educacion,  EducacióN Superior,  Social Education,  EducacióN Social,  FormacióN Inicial,  Education,  Initial Training
6 publications
Jako Olivier

Jako Olivier

Sociolinguistics,  E-Learning,  Language Planning,  Multimodality,  Blended Learning,  Multiliteracies,  Open Educational Resources,  Multilingual Education,  Self-Directed Learning,  Computer-Assisted Language Learning,  Multimodal Learning,  Self-Directed Writing,  Autonomography
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Angel Torres-Toukoumidis


PhD. in Communication under the research line "Media Literacy", at the universities of Huelva, Seville, Málaga and Cádiz. The Precursor of the first university games laboratory in Ecuador (GAMELAB-UPS Member of the Research Group on Missions and Indigenous Peoples (GIMPI). Currently a lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Ecuador.

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