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Ankur Agnihotri

Inclusion,  Process Modeling,  Continuous Casting,  Cfd (Computational Fluid Dynamics),  Steelmaking,  Quality Defects & Causes
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Computational Fluid Dynamics,  Thermal Energy Storage,  Renewable-Energy Systems
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Rheology,  Keywords,  Non-Newtonian Fluid Heat Transfer
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Amin  Ebrahimi


Amin Ebrahimi is a PhD candidate at the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime, and Materials Engineering (3mE) of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Before, he was a research and teaching assistant in the High-Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCLab) at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (FUM), where he completed his masters' degree. For his graduation project, he focused on the numerical study of rarefied nitrogen flow in divergent micro- and Nano-channels using direct simulation Monte-Carlo (DSMC) method. During his bachelors' graduation project, he focused on heat transfer enhancement in microchannels using longitudinal vortex generators and Nanofluids. Amin is currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). His PhD project focuses on developing a new simulation-based approach to welding process optimisation.

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Physics Science Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics Heat And Mass Transfer Computational And Experimental Fluid Dynamics Microfluidics And Nanofluidics Multiphase Flows Transport Phenomena Thermal Engineering Optimisation Energy Technologies Additive Manufacturing

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