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Alfredo Álvarez Zaballos

Alfredo Álvarez Zaballos


Disciplines: Anthropology Communication Philosophy
Paris, 75007. France , Île-de-France


Advertising and public relations graduate with a focus on communication in an international environment with a mind set on a future career to be universally applicable.


International Event coordinator 2016 - 2016

DIM SUM (Madrid ES)

During Summer of 2016 I worked at a Cantonese "mixed concept" cocktail bar/restaurant coordinating the international events for the Gay Pride of Madrid. It was a great way to develop my event coordinating skills in an international environment.

International Press assistant & International Sales coordinator 2015 - 2017

Plagaro Studio (Madrid ES)

During my 2nd & 3rd years of University I worked in an Art Studio providing help in press and sales coordination. Formerly in Madrid and lastly in Barcelona.

Student job in costumer service, international sales coordinator & multitasking 2012 - 2014

Nieto Iluminación (Madrid ES)

In order to have resources of my own at 16 y.o I started working in an Interior Design Store based in Vitoria. I evolved from a costumer service & multitasking job to a international sales coordinator one providing help to reach the international markets of the company.


Erasmus exchange 2017 - 2018

IPAG (Paris, Nice) (Paris FR)

Erasmus exchange in BBA & Marketing with honors. Lessons in both English & French.

SICUE exchange 2016 - 2017

uic (Barcelona ES)

National student exchange in Advertising, Marketing & PR with honors.

High School Degree 2012 - 2014

Montserrat High School (Madrid ES)

High School Degree in Social Sciences with honors.


Mediation Of Social Science Phylosophie Human Rights VidéO Design Social Development Humanity Social Media Communication Digitale Psychology Social Marketing Media Studies, Broadcast Journalism, Television And Internet Studies, Media Sociology, Digital Cultu Social Inequalities Human Behavior Social Media Maining Social Psychology Comunication

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