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BINET Michel G. J.

BINET Michel G. J.

Analyse Conversationnelle,  Ethnomethodology,  Social Work (0452)
49 publications
Ulaş Başar Gezgin

Ulaş Başar Gezgin

Translation,  Art,  Psychology,  Linguistics,  Anthropology,  Sustainability,  Philosophy,  Sociology,  Humanities,  LitéRature,  Human Rights,  China,  Creativity,  Sustainable Development,  Social Science,  Musicology,  Environmental Science,  Songs,  International Relations,  Ethics,  éMotions,  Gerontology,  Media Studies,  Humor,  Narratology,  Film Studies,  Cognitive Science,  Asia,  Cultural Studies,  Discourse Analysis,  Intercultural Communication,  Peace Studies,  Urban Planning,  Cognitive Linguistics,  Cognitive Psychology,  Future Studies,  Poetry,  Media Literacy,  Media Psychology,  Social Psychology,  Empowerment,  South East Asia,  Ethnography,  Novels,  Oral History,  Short Stories,  Critical Thinking,  Philosophy Of Science,  Vietnam,  Environmental Psychology,  Industrial Relations,  Stories,  Economic Psychology,  Scenarios,  Social Cognition,  Colonialism,  Children'S Literature,  Fairy Tales,  Historiography,  Critical Pedagogy,  Marxism,  Wisdom,  Asian Studies,  Multicultural Education,  Transdisciplinarity,  Teaching Philosophy,  Psychology Of Art,  Film Analysis,  Comedy,  Life Narratives,  Sociology Of Science,  Precarization,  Experimental Economics,  Organizational Studies,  Peace Journalism,  Democratic Education,  Latin American Studies,  Latin American Literature,  Cross-Cultural Psychology,  Operas,  Urban Heritage,  Political Psychology,  Critical Psychology,  Russian Poetry,  Turkish Studies,  Labor Studies,  Personality Theory,  Psychology Of Music,  Communication,  Education,  China Studies,  Art Criticisms,  Marxist Psychology,  Social Media Studies,  Psychology And Urban Planning,  Psychology And Architecture,  Critical Approaches To Science,  Film Stories,  Librettos,  Novellas,  Film Psychology,  Poetry Criticism,  Poetry Analysis,  Novel Analysis,  Novel Criticism,  Fairy Tale Analysis,  Story Criticism,  Story Analysis,  Alternative History,  Historical Dialectics,  Revisionist History,  Anti-Colonial History,  Istanbul Studies,  Mediterranean Studies,  Black Sea Studies,  Caucasian Studies,  Socio-Linguistics,  World Poetry,  Poetry Anthologies,  Spanish Poetry,  Latin American Poetry,  Russian Novels,  Sociology Of Music,  Georgian Literature,  Social Media Psychology,  Psychology Of Communication,  Political Analysis,  Class Analysis,  Tourist Psychology,  Tourist Sociology,  Mass Media Studies,  Media Criticism,  Decolonialization,  Sinification,  Degendering,  Enviromental Futures,  Geronto-Anthropology,  International Relations In Asia,  Teaching Sociology,  Teaching Psychology
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Lencho Marami

Molecular Biology,  Immunology,  Microbiology,  Epidemiology,  Serology,  Ethno-Medicine
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Łukasz Scheffs

Łukasz Scheffs

PolitologíA,  Social Engineering,  Local Government,  Political Marketing,  Individualism,  Collectivism,  Polityka,  Political Consulting,  Politics,  Political Science,  Socjotechnika,  Marketing Polityczny,  Samorząd Lokalny,  Kolektywizm,  Indywidualizm,  Doradztwo Polityczne
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Arus Reka Prasetia

Arus Reka Prasetia

Entrepreneurship,  Marketing,  Culture,  Media,  Management,  Multimedia,  Creativity,  Branding,  International Management,  Communication
Aleksandar Repedzic

Aleksandar Repedzic

Ethnologist - anthropologist

Disciplines: Anthropology Archaeology
Nikole Tesle 56/24, 19250 Majdanpek, Majdanpek, 19250. Serbia , Borski okrug


I'm graduated ethnologist - anthropologist, eager for knowledge and experience in team affairs, positive person and I'm ready for all kinds of compromises for the sake of the work. Dressed for field work, work in a dynamic atmosphere, computer skills, possess knowledge of making presentations. During my education I got good organizational and communication skills, and a sense of teamwork. Working under time pressure is not a problem to me and I always try to respect the time limits with a high quality of work. I love movies, hiking, reading and music.
Work experience:
 In the period from 1.11.2013 to 8.11.2016. I worked as acting director. During this work as Director of the Museum in Majdanpek I achieved cooperation with several museums and scientific institutions (Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Military - Historical Museum of Bulgaria, Museum of Mining in Pernik (Bulgaria), Museum of Turnu Severin (Romania) Museum Caransebeş ( Romania), as well as cooperation with research institutes, the Institute for Human Sciences University in Maikop (Russia) Blakan Institute, Archaeological Research Institute, Institute of Ethnography) as well as museums in the country (Museum of languages and scripts in Trsic, Museum of Mining and Metallurgy in Bor, National Museum of Pozarevac, Zajecar National Museum. Museum of Contemporary Art).;



Archaeology Anthropology Ethnology

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Nikole Tesle 56/24, 19250 Majdanpek
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