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Mohammad Anvar Adibhesami

Healthcare Architecture,  Evidence Based Design,  Health Design,  Hospital Planner,  Hospital Architecture,  Hospital Engineering,  Salutogenic Design
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Albert Salas-Huetos

Albert Salas-Huetos

Nutrition,  Epigenetics,  Mirna,  Genetics,  Male,  Human,  Andrology,  Biomarkers,  Infertility,  Meta-Analysis,  Fertility,  Microrna,  MéThylation,  Nutrients,  Spermatozoa,  Systematic Reviews,  Nuts,  Dietary Patterns,  Foods
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Aidan Christopher Tan

Aidan Christopher Tan

Public Health,  Paediatrics,  Evidence-Based Medicine,  Research Methods,  Clinical Epidemiology,  Meta-Research
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Lucky Nugroho Prastowo

Lucky Nugroho Prastowo

Accounting,  Sustainability,  Microfinance,  Banking,  Ethics,  Islamic Finance,  Islamic Banking,  Good Corporate Governance,  Islamic Microfinance,  Islamic Accounting
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Cory Harow

Cory Harow

Emergency Medicine,  Emergency Medical Services.,  Emergency Medical Treatment,  Emergency Medical Services/*Methods,  Emergency Medical System
10 publications
Ahmad Ozair

Ahmad Ozair

MBBS Candidate, King George's Medical University

Discipline: Medicine
King George's Medical University, Lucknow, 226003. India , Uttar Pradesh


Ahmad is a fifth-year medical student at King George's Medical University. He has been involved in several international multi-centric studies as a co-investigator, including GNOS, COVIDSurg-Week, SYNAPSE-ICU, EUROBACT amongst others. He currently has over 35 accepted+published papers and is a 99th percentile all-time peer-reviewer worldwide on Publons. Linkedin: | Twitter:

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Khorana Scholar, Government of India 2019



Systematic Reviews Meta-Analysis

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King George's Medical University
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