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On demand studies (state-of-the-art, research trends, benchmark) that reveal key innovation trends in any science and technical fields that are of interest to you.
  • Global quantitative analysis of a specific area
  • One of the world's largest corpus of scientific publications (articles, preprints, theses, proceedings, posters, patents…)
  • Third parties’ data integration (citation databases…)
  • Identification of concepts and keywords' trends, competitive analysis, quantitative analysis based on both scientific articles and technical patents
  • Advanced NLP & TDM technologies to identify, clean, organize scientific & technical publications and automatically map relations between stakeholders and research outputs
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Automate your technology scouting.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with our automated technology scouting solutions.

Our tools analyze publications, patents, proceedings, preprints, and researcher profiles, allowing you to identify upcoming trends and technologies before they get published in mainstream venues.

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