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Plant shoe for placekickers and method of use thereof

6131314 - 207334& - USPTO

Application Dec 08, 1998 - Publication Oct 17, 2000

Robert Pelfrey Raymond Pelfrey


A plant shoe and a method of use thereof to be worn on the plant foot of a placekicker wearing a kicking shoe having a total sole thickness s on his kicking foot, wherein the plant shoe includes a main sole, a filler sole adjacent said main sole, wherein the main sole and the filler sole together have a thickness greater than s, and a plurality of cleats positioned on an underside of either the main sole or the filler sole for engaging the playing surface. In one embodiment the cleats are positioned on the underside of the main sole and in an alternate embodiment, the main sole is positioned between a shoe upper and the filler sole and the cleats are positioned on the underside of the filler sole.



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