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Lead frame clamp for ultrasonic bonding

5611478 - 6130224 - USPTO

Application Mar 11, 1996 - Publication Mar 18, 1997

Chainarong Asanasavest


A lead frame clamping arrangement for lead frame/interposer bonding is disclosed that clamps the leads to be bonded at two spaced apart locations with the bonding area being positioned between the clamped portions of the particular leads being bonded. During bonding of a selected lead to its associated trace, a bonding tool tip is positioned in the gap between the clamps. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the clamping arrangement includes a lead tip clamp and a lead arm clamp. In some embodiments, the lead arm clamp takes the form of a window clamp and the lead tip clamp includes a spring plate positioned within the window such that a channel shaped gap is formed between the spring plate and the window clamp. The gap exposes the bonding regions of all of the leads to be attached to the interposer. With this arrangement, all of the leads of a radially based lead frame can be secured to the interposer without requiring the resetting of the clamp.



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