Jean-Pierre Grimard
Becton Dickinson France S.A.S.
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Michael G Lee
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Tabitha Chedekel
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Method of Identifying a Container And/Or a Finished Article Obtained From the Said Container, in Particular for Medical Use

8196807 - 11912910 - USPTO

Application Apr 26, 2006 - Publication Jun 12, 2012

Jean-Pierre Grimard


Method of identifying a container (1) obtained by a process comprising the following steps: (A) starting from a blank (2) of the container (1), at least part of the said container (1) is formed; (B) a two-dimensional or three-dimensional marking zone (4), the temperature of which is maintained at a value below the glass transformation temperature of the constituent substrate, is provided in or on the substrate of the blank (2) and, in the said marking zone (4), an identification code (5) is reproduced by illumination (6) of the said marking zone (4) with at least one beam (7) of coherent monochromatic localized electromagnetic radiation to which the substrate is at least partially transparent, the said beam (7) being operated and controlled in order to remove or modify the constituent substrate of the wall (3) and to leave the identification code (5), in positive or negative form, in the said wall so that the said code is readable; and (C) at least the said marking zone (4) is annealed so as at least to reduce the differences in internal tension in the substrate between the said marking zone (4) and the rest of the said wall (3).



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