Interactive system control apparatus and method
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Interactive system control apparatus and method

3062221 - EP15275049A1 - EPO

Application Feb 25, 2015 - Publication Aug 31, 2016

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A mixed reality control apparatus for a system comprising at least one remote data source requiring at least one physical control input, the apparatus comprising a headset (100) for placing over a user's eyes, in use, said headset including a screen (102), the apparatus further comprising a processor (104) configured to receive data from said at least one remote data source and display said data on said screen (102) within a three-dimensional virtual environment, and image capture means (106) for capturing images of the real world environment in the vicinity of the user, the processor (104) being further configured to:- blend at least portions or objects of said images of said real world environment into said three-dimensional virtual environment to create a mixed reality environment, including said data, to be displayed on said screen (102); and- generate a virtual representation of said at least one physical control input and blend said virtual representation into said mixed reality environment at a selected location, and generate a marker representative of said selected location;wherein the apparatus is configured to receive a user input in association with said marker, identify said user input as an action in respect of said control input, or said virtual representation thereof, and generate a control signal to effect said action accordingly.



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