Gaming machine having secondary display for providing video content
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International Game Technology
Christian et al Schmidt
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Gaming machine having secondary display for providing video content

0896304 - EP98111288A2 - EPO

Application Jun 18, 1998 - Publication Feb 10, 1999

Peter J. Mastera Wesley F. Carmean Gene E. Powell James T. McGlone


A gaming machine includes main and secondary displays. The secondary display is disposed apart from the primary display and is used for presenting primary, secondary, or even tertiary information. The main display is controlled electronically by a gaming machine controller, which main display presents the results of a play on the gaming machine. In the case of a slot machine, the main display may be the glass display through which the spinning reels of a game play are viewed. In a video poker gaming machine, the main display is usually a cathode ray tube ("CRT") which displays a video game image to the player and other information directly associated with the game play. The secondary display may be provided at various locations on the gaming machine such as in a top glass portion of the gaming machine or a belly glass portion of the gaming machine, which belly glass portion is located below a main display portion of the gaming machine. The secondary display itself may be a liquid crystal display, a cathode ray tube, a field emission display, a plasma display, a digital micromirror device (DMD), etc.



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