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Break-away base

5564695 - 5847397 - USPTO

Application Jan 11, 1996 - Publication Oct 15, 1996

Arthur E. Christensen


A break-away base for preventing injuries to baseball players, particularly when sliding into the base. The break-away base has a generally-square first portion and has four sides, each of which is bent downwardly and outwardly to provide an inclined face portion which is disposed upwardly and away from the baseball player when the player is sliding into the base. The first portion is fixedly mounted in the ground, such that a greater part of the respective inclined faces are below the ground level. A second generally-square portion is disposed on top of the first portion and substantially aligned therewith. The first portion and the second portion are magnetically attracted to one another with a sufficient force to prevent inadvertent dislodgement therefrom but insufficient to prevent the second portion faces being slid away from the first portion when a player vigorously slides into the base.



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