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Algometry management system

5533514 - 437701& - USPTO

Application May 09, 1995 - Publication Jul 09, 1996

Gilles Lavigne Leo TenBokum


In the algometry management method and system, a computer apparatus is used to select points of a patient's body on which pain sensitivity pressure measurements have to be made, to determine a sequence of these selected points, and to indicate the selected points one by one to an operator according to the sequence. A pressure algometer is used by the operator to apply pressure to each point of the sequence indicated and to measure the pressure being applied when a patient's threshold of pain is reached, this pressure measurement constituting a pain sensitivity pressure measurement. The computer apparatus also receives the pain sensitivity pressure measurement from the algometer for each point of the sequence, and stores the received pain sensitivity pressure measurements in a file associated to the patient. The method and system also ask to the patient a subjective indication of the intensity of pain and degree of discomfort he felt upon application of pressure to each point of the patient's body. A visual analog scale unit is provided to allow the patient to give this subjective indication of the intensity of pain and degree of discomfort he felt.



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