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Cooktop with a cooktop frame

6276357 - 4959620 - USPTO

Application Feb 02, 2000 - Publication Aug 21, 2001

Manfred Edlmann Bernd Stitzl Joachim Grutzke


A cooktop includes a cooktop frame with at least one decorative frame strip, which entirely surrounds a one-piece cooktop panel, and with at least one decorative separating strip disposed on a top side of the cooktop panel and separating an operating area of the cooktop panel from the cooking area of the cooktop panel. In order to simplify the construction of the cooktop, the cooktop panel is configured in one piece. The at least one decorative frame strip is formed integrally with the decorative separating strip. The at least one decorative frame strip and the decorative separating strip are preferably made from high-grade steel. The decorative separating strip has at least one bead-like elevation at least over a part of it length. The at least one bead-like elevation has an underside and defines a cavity between the underside of the elevation and the top side of the cooktop panel and the cavity is substantially filled with an adhesive.



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