Cleaning section for an electric oral hygiene device
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Cleaning section for an electric oral hygiene device

2543277 - EP11005504A1 - EPO

Application Jul 06, 2011 - Publication Jan 09, 2013

Georges Dr. Driesen Bernd Dr. Trebitz Eva Susanne Dominique Thurnay Heidrun Schmelcher Martin Haas Thomas Fritsch Joachim Klimeck Norbert Schaefer Frank Gliemroth


A cleaning section for an electric oral hygiene device (1) is proposed that has at least a first carrier (30) mounted for driven rotation or oscillating rotation around a rotation axis (R), at least a plurality of first cleaning elements (110) mounted on the first carrier with their bases arranged on the vertices of a first star-shaped polygon around the rotation axis, wherein all of the first cleaning elements are inclined in a circumferential direction (rφ) such that the free end (1102) of each of the first cleaning elements is farther away in the circumferential direction than the base (1101) of the respective first cleaning element, and wherein at least one cleaning element property alternates between adjacent first cleaning elements or between clusters of first cleaning elements.



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