Baby carrier
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Aprica Kassai Kabushikikaisha
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Baby carrier

0931487 - EP99300582A2 - EPO

Application Jan 28, 1999 - Publication Jul 28, 1999

Fumiyo c/o Aprica Kassai K.K. Yamazoe Kenzou c/o Aprica Kassai K.K. Kassai


A baby carrier 1 comprises a carrier body 2 having a front cover portion 3, a crotch cover portion 4 and a back cover portion 5, which are integrally formed in continuation, shoulder belts 6, 7 extending upwardly from the back cover portion 5, one-touch buckles 12, 13 at the ends of the shoulder belts 6, 7, and cover-equipped buckles 20, 21 beside the front cover portion 3 which engage with the one-touch buckles 12, 13. A baby carrier 1 further comprises hook members 31, 32 beside the front cover portion 3, annular members 28, 29 and 28', 29' on the back cover portion 5 which engage with the hook members 31, 32. Moreover, there are provided a head support 8 for supporting a baby's head, and a head guard 9 for protecting the top portion of a baby's head, which is able to fold toward the back side of a head support 8 and stand up toward the baby's side. Thereby, the changing operation between a longitudinal support type and a lateral support type of a baby carrier 1 can be performed with ease, and a baby can be prevented from falling down when it is held laterally or sideways.



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