MyScienceWork – Global Platform for Publishers, Researchers and Institutions


For several years, the MyScienceWork team has been working with publishers and institutions to map, structure, manage, measure impact and promote research content.


A single, complete platform


The comprehensive platform serves the needs of individual members eager to search, access and share research.

Based on 70 million scientific publications, 12 million patents from thousands of institutional repositories and publishers databases, we develop solutions that help publishers and research institutions to manage, measure, analyze and promote their content.


For publishers:

We help publishers build solutions to analyze and boost their content’s visibility and impact. Our services include, and are not limited to : metadata extraction and enhancement, trend analysis, and expert identification.


For Academic and Governmental Research Institutions:

Our experts and our robots take care of all archiving, communication, compliance, and reporting needs, allowing researchers to focus on their research activities.


For R&D Industries :

Our technology scouting solutions give companies the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our tools analyze publications, patents, proceedings, preprints, and researcher profiles, allowing companies to identify upcoming trends and technologies before they get published in mainstream venues.

One of our key goals is to keep on working on technologies and solutions development to make science more open, discoverable and research more efficient.


Know more: consult the list of products and sources.