8th edition
Open Access Week
San Francisco
from 20 to 24 October


What is Open Access Week?

Open Access Week, an international event held each year for the last 6 years, is an opportunity for the scientific community to learn about and discuss the stakes and the potential of open access.

Who can participate?

University instructors, researchers, students and anyone who wants to publish their results so that they can be read and shared.

You, too, can participate in Open Access Week and contribute to opening access to scientific knowledge!

Open Access Week 2014

Open Access Week Events by MyScienceWork

OCTOBER 23 at SkyDeck (Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704)

"BAY AREA OPEN ACCESS WEEK for Generation Open"

  • 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PDT):
    • 8 mins – relax with a drink, a snack and “What is OA?” video by Jorge Cham (PhD Comics), Nick Shockey (Right to Research) and Jonathan Eisen (UCD)
    • 10 minutes – un-conference OA topic selection by audience
    • 20 minutes – topic discussion with moderation (your host for the evening, Lenny!)
    • 10 minutes – grab another drink (alcoholic or non), stave off hunger with nibbles
    • 40 minutes – lightning talks, “#OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us”
    • Last 30 minutes or so – greeting old friends and making some new ones


The next generation talks about open access - Video campaign from Couperin & Foster produced by MyScienceWork:

Open Access Week 2013

Open Access Week Events by MyScienceWork

October 21 at FMSH - Auditorium du France (190 avenue de France - 75013 Paris)

"Open Access for All"

October 23 at EHESS - Paris (EHESS 105 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris - amphithéâtre F.Furet)

"Open Access for Research"

October 24 at UPMC amphi 25 - Paris (4 Place Jussieu 75005 Paris)

"Open Access and new communication tools"

October 22 at Luxembourg university – Campus Limpertsberg Bât. des Sciences – room BS 201

"Scientific Social Networks"

October 22 at Europahuset - Stockholm

"Open Access : Politics and Scientific Innovation"

Workshops: “Open Access in Practice” - 22, 23 & 24 October

The URFIST of Paris (Regional Unit for Training in Scientific and Technical Information), the CCSD (Centre for Direct Scientific Communication) and the BUPMC (Library of the University Pierre and Marie Curie) are offering the following practical workshops of one hour:
  • The Economic Models: Green, Gold, Who Pays?
  • Contribute to Open Access: How to Submit Your Articles to the Open Archive HAL
Space is limited to 15 per session – sign up now!

2012 - MSW organizes the first Open Access Week in Paris


You want to join in the organization of Open Access Week 2014?