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Multiples applications for virtual reality.

Virtual Reality opened its wings the past years, and now it’s thriving. Even if it is seen as a new mean of entertainment, the amount of possibilities of application in the field of research, clinical studies, psychiatry, and IT development grows as the technology advances.


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More about the VR world!

We had the opportunity to interview Jason Jerald, author of “The VR book, Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality”. Have a look at his point of view on VR and its future in the research world. He fell in love with VR technology, and now he develops human-centered VR tools.


Did you know that virtual reality can be used as a treatment? Yes, it is, and in a quite frightening way! Researchers from The Interpersonal Behaviour Laboratory, from the University of Lausanne, used VR to treat people suffering from public speaking fear…. by terrifying them. Learn more with our article, by Nia Cason:


François Garnier, a leading name in digital media and creation talks about the applications of VR in graphic creations, immersive experiences, and what future he sees for virtual reality:



Do you have some more room for science?

Here are 3 articles from our database about VR use in science: